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Wednesday, November 13, 2002
I know what Hell is? It is being closed up in a one window room on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day editing indescribably bad writing. Not mine! The contract requirements document I have been working on for the last month. I reduced the total word count by a third yesterday by removing all references to motherhood and apple pie. Since we are buying computer simulation services, not much motherhood and apple pie are required. Before yesterday, I had reduced it 50% by removing redundancies.

Now for the one window. If I had no window at all, I would not know that the sun is out, the leaves are colorful and the temperature is just right.

Oh well, back to the grind.

A Note From a Friend

For Republicans

Know what brings the biggest smile to my face after the Nov. 5
evisceration of the Clinton Party?

It's not that picture of a devastated Tom Daschle captioned with his
comment that "This is the worst day I've had."

It's not the comeuppance so richly deserved by the loud-mouthed jerks
disgraced the Wellstone funeral service in Minnesota, costing Mondale the

It's not that hordes of high-paid Democrat staffers on Capitol Hill are
now out of a job and won't be able to find another, because all the K Street
lobbying firms won't hire them.

It's not all the newspaper headlines proclaiming the Republican Tsunami,
and all the photos of a beaming Trent Lott, or Norm Coleman, or even that
great shot of GW giving a thumbs-up.

Nope, the biggest smile of all comes with thinking of how bitterly
miserable Barbra Streisand must be right now.

Normally, the emotion of what the Germans call Schadenfreude, malicious
glee, should be assiduously avoided. Laughing at other people's unhappiness
is almost always not a healthy or decent thing to do. But note the "almost"
qualifier. There are, very occasionally, exceptions. This is one of them.

President Bush has handled the gigantic GOP victory with his typical
class and graciousness. His comportment has been the antithesis of gloating,

and has given the strictest instructions to all those at the White House to
behave the same. He continues to live up to the moral ideal Americans have
for political leadership.

But for you and me, ordinary Americans driven around the bend by
America-hating liberals, we should be granted moral permission to gloat just
this once. We should be allowed to admit that we are ecstatically happy
Barbra Streisand and Alex Baldwin and Woody Harrelson and Susan Sarandon and

Jessica Lange and Robert Altman together with all the other Hollywood clowns
"embarrassed to be from the United States," as Jessica Lange puts it, are
moaning threnodies of grief,
dirges of gloom, wails of lament â “ in short, they're Singin' the Blues.

Permit us just this once to feel joy in their misery. I admit it. It
feels absolutely great to know , that eco-fascists are tearing their hair
out over Bush's allowing oil to be drilled out of ANWR, that Judas Jim
is reduced to a powerless minority schmuck on Capitol Hill, that House
Democrats are about to follow Nancy Pelosi like lemmings over a left-wing

There's so much to feel great about. But most gratifying of all is the
utter anguish of that epitome of moral pretentiousness, the Hollywood Left.

Of course, it's pleasing to know that same anguish is being experienced by
Bill & Hillary, by the editors of the New York Times, by
Rather-Jennings-Brokaw, and by hordes of Ivy League university
professors. The most satisfying schadenfreude, however, is with Streisand.

So let yourself go. Feel free to gloat. The president and his people

But you and I can. Just this once.

Monday, November 11, 2002
Veteran's Day

Just got off the phone. I have been talking to a friend my age. We were talking about how good it is to be alive. Between us, we know a bunch of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who died young. We know others who are disabled through service to this country. Those who serve in our wars generally do not have any agendas. They are young people, 18-30 years old. They serve for a variety of reasons from wanting to get experience and training on one end to patriotic reasons on the other. When called on to fight, it does not matter why they are in the military. It does not matter if it is WWII or Vietnam. Whether or not you agree with the aims of their particular war, thank the vet for his or her service.