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Thursday, October 17, 2002
I see a lot of discussion in the Blogosphere about if there will be panic if the sniper turns out to be something other than a home grown fruit. My experience over several years in Europe where various terrorist gangs regularly planted bombs that killed one or two people each time is that some people go to pieces and cannot handle the stress. In the case of the US Forces in Europe, these were usually non-military personnel who would return to the States as soon as they became aware of the terrorist potential. The rest of us went about life but kept an eye out for the unusual. I never saw anything approaching panic. If a bomb had gone off every other day, then the story may have been different, but I think people become inured to danger quite quickly. A friend and I used to joke that maybe we were just too stupid to be scared, but I think the answer is we all have a core understanding that life is replete with danger and we make adjustments to whatever the situation may be.

A much more likely outcome than panic is retaliation against available targets if the sniper turns out to be Arab or connected to Al Queda. I have a number of Arab friends and I am concerned for their safety. For the record, one of the most militant people I know when it comes to the terrorists is one of my Arab friends. He emigrated to this country because of the opportunity here and has no desire to ever return to his homeland. He remains a devout Moslim, but he is as patriotic an American as there is.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002
I can only hope that the parents of this Little Darling (Link via Possumblog) lose a considerable sum of money in the forthcoming lawsuit.