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Thursday, October 10, 2002
Its Thursday so this must be another day of mind-numbing contract requirements writing. Of course Friday will consist of the same with a break to brief the work to clients. The weekend must be close because it is raining. I have a backhoe borrowed for the weekend to move a huge pile of red clay. My wife says that I can do it with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. I should live so long. Anyway, I borrowed the backhoe a month ago to be delivered on a Friday so I can use it on a Saturday. I told my friend that as soon as he committed to loaning me the backhoe, it would start raining and it did. Since he has to take it back to the farm in a couple of weeks, I predict two more weekends of rain.

Meanwhile, since it has been raining and I couldn't move the dirt, I have spent the weekends antique shopping with my wife. Unusual for us, we have actually found what we have been looking for and now I have to continue the mind-numbing contract writing in order to pay for the antiques.

To quote Kurt Vonnegut: "Life goes on".

Tonight I am committed to providing the program for the Seniors group at Church. I was asked to play my guitar and sing. The problem is I do not sing without the cover of a choir. This should be interesting.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002
The American Soldiers

The Soldiers are 19 years old. Their Sergeant is 23 as is the Lieutenant and the Captain is 27. All are volunteers in the service of their Country. Some volunteered because they felt a need to serve and the military offered the opportunity while affording a decent wage and the chance to see something other than Podunk, USA. Some just wanted access to education and training, but have learned an ethic of service. They are an infantryman, a tanker, a mechanic, a medic or one of several hundred other jobs that are necessary to keep a modern military functioning. They are Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Atheist and Satanist. They come from every racial and ethnic group.They are male and female. They are not saints, but a normal young Americans. party hard, love their families and do things of which they are not proud. They did not join the Army, AF, Navy or Marines because of a desire to kill and maim and they would prefer to avoid war if at all possible, but they will do what the Nation's leaders tell them to do and they will do it well.

Some of us know them. They are the son or daughter of a close friend. Some of us don't know anyone serving in the military yet they are still our sons and daughters. Do we hold back from war because some of these young people will be casualties. Their answer would be no! They have an understanding of the reasons for the coming conflict that would surprise the intellectual elites on the left and right. Be thankful for Them.