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Monday, July 22, 2002
Somehow I got involved in a discussion of wind-generated electricity, another of the many subjects about which I know next to nothing. It seemed like something interesting so I did a wee bit of research. I found the website (www.traverse.com/wind/ ) of someone who appears to have wind generated electricity for sale if you live in Traverse City, Michigan. Note that there is a premium price for the wind generated power plus what appears to be tax incentive to the producer. Sorry, I haven't figured out how to insert links.

Wind may become economically viable in the near future, but I think we will see the windmills in the locations where water-pumping windmills have been used for decades. This week, I travel to New Mexico where the wind never seems to stop. I can envision a farm of windmills furnishing power to the South West and possibly selling power to utilities around the country on off-hours.

Note the cost of the windmill and the generating capacity at $650,000+ and 600 KW, respectively. Once the cost of production to include amortization, operation and maintenance costs per kilowatt hour become less than the price of electricity, we will see these things everywhere there is the fairly steady state 15 MPH winds, namely the mid and south western states. If this is to be economically feasible, then the national electric grid will have to be structured to take advantage of the windmill friendly areas.