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Thursday, June 06, 2002
I seem to have conquered the posting problem. Now if I can just learn how to link.

Hotdog, My first link and by Mr. Possumblog himself and induction into the Axis of Weevil no less. Most impressive, on the same day as Fred Reed, one of my all time favorite writers. Mr. Reed is justly infamous among senior military officers for his insistance on telling it like it is, sensibilities and egos be damned. Read his military writings. His insights on women in the military are right on. The problem is that the powers that be cannot seem to understand that lower standards for any group of military persons are unfair to that members of that group. The enemy does not and will not change his goals to accommodate the lesser qualified soldier. Death is death and does not discriminate.

So you want to go to war with Iraq. Can’t wait for the rocket’s red glare and the bombs bursting in air and. To you war is the Normandy invasion. Hundreds of thousands of men charging up the hill into the guns. Planes overhead bombing anything that moves. The artillery blasting targets deep in enemy territory. The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far, Saving Private Ryan all rolled into one. A beautiful, gory picture. Almost makes me wish I could be there on the great plains of western Iraq as the armor and infantry move out. Almost, but not quite.

I think I would prefer war as it was really fought in Europe in the 1940s. Two years of preparation while fighting battles in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and other places where the opportunity existed to hurt the Axis Forces. Yes, the United States fought battles with the Japanese starting in 1942, but the strategy was always Europe first, then Japan. Fight holding actions and battles of opportunity while preparing to destroy the heart of the enemy.

The idea of attacking Iraq is alluring, but an all out conventional force attack into Iraq is neither feasible nor desirable at this time. A conventional land war takes planning, an immense amount of logistical preparation, intense intelligence gathering and recruitment and training of in-country operatives. Even with the existence of the coalition and an active duty military two times the current, Desert Storm took 5 months before the air war start and six before conventional ground forces were committed.

Be Patient.

The war you want will come soon enough.