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Thursday, May 16, 2002
At the suggestion of Possumblog that this would be a good name for a Blog, I said what the heck so here goes. In case anyone outside the South ever reads this, Kudzu is a plant imported from Japan by the US Government to control erosion. It works. However, the law of unintended consequences kicked in and it is now known as the "Plant that ate the South". The property to the back of mine is undeveloped and fallow except for an exceptional crop of Kudzu that I am waging a battle to defeat. My friends tell me it is a lost cause and that I should just yield back the territory I have occupied. Although the Kudzu was here first, I intend to fight to the death or until Home Depot runs out of Roundup Concentrate. Lately, the Kudzu has been advancing at a rate of 18 inches per day, sending out its little suicide runners looking for an opening in my defenses. I fight back with my fine Murray Mower and the Roundup. I do not think peace is possible.

Kudzu does have one virtue. It crowds out the Poison Ivy; another of Alabama's favorites.